Reason #2 we will be the best guitar shop in Florida: Our Selection

Reason #2 we will be the best guitar shop in Florida: Our Selection

Model, Kim Czabaj, with some fabulous Gibson gold-tops.

Friend of Replay Music Exchange, Kim Czabaj, helps show off some cool guitars!

I think my wife, Michele, suspects I sit around at work and play guitar all day.  I must admit: Being surrounded by really cool guitars all day is one perk that I particularly enjoy!  I can grab anything from a brand new Tele to a vintage ES-335 whenever I’d like and play to my heart’s content.  In last week’s blog post, you met the Replay team.  This week, I’m going to tell you about all the cool gear we will feature in the new store.

As our name suggests, Replay Music Exchange will have plenty of pre-owned and vintage guitars.  We are always buying guitars and will have a varied and ever-changing selection that you simply cannot find anywhere else.  In addition to truly pre-owned items, we also have an assortment of like-new guitars that may have minor cosmetic blemishes, but are a terrific value.  So, whether you are a parent buying a first guitar for your child, a teenager looking to trade up to something a little better, a working musician looking for solid instrument to gig with, or a vintage collector searching for that rare, high end piece –We’ve got you covered!

What you may not have guessed is that Replay Music Exchange will feature a huge selection of brand-new guitars & related gear from every major brand!  Of course, we will have all of the best-selling guitars, pedals, and accessories that you would expect to see in any decent shop, but we have gone far beyond the basics.

We have guitars in stock that you will not see at the big-box stores across town such as a large selection of Custom Shop from both Fender & Gibson and dozens of USA models from Dean, Jackson, and Music Man (JP Majesty, anyone?).  We carry the full line of Martin including their flagship D45.  Want to see the stunning Taylor K24ce?  We have it and the rest of the line.  And we haven’t forgotten our bass-playing brethren out there.  Come lay down the rhythm with a German Warwick or Roscoe.

Or, if you’re dreaming of a new amp, spend some time in our amp room and try out Dr. Z, Magnatone, Supro, Bogner, Epifani.  Are you planning to do some recording?  Do you need a small PA system for an upcoming gig?  We’ve got everything you need from Mackie, Behringer, Turbo-Sound, Focus-rite, Shure, and more.

As you can see, we are going to have an incredible selection and I can’t wait for you to come to the new store and see it!  Speaking of the new store, the construction is still on track to finish June 17th.  Be sure to join our e-mail list and be the first to know about our preview events and soft-opening in July.  It’s a very busy time for us at Replay right now, but don’t worry –I still carve out some time now and then to select a cool guitar and play it for a while.  Just don’t tell Michele!

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Art Hauffe

I’ll take the one in the middle… LOL…

September 1, 2016 at 12:28pm

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