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Epifani DIST3 1x10 Bass Cabinet, Black

Epifani DIST3 1x10 Bass Cabinet, Black
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Epifani DIST3 1x10 Bass Cabinet, Black

Epifani DIST3 1x10 Bass Cab, Black

$ 949.00

Louder, lighter and better — Replay Guitar Exchange is proud to bring to you the Epifani DIST3 1x10 Bass Cabinet, revolutionizing your bass sound with clarity and pure function. Upgrading to the third generation of the DIST-series, the DIST3 is the only bass speaker cabinet in the world that offers you realtime impedance switching without sacrificing tone. The DIST3 features more power handling, unparalleled tone, and a new rugged construction designed for touring — no other speaker system in the world can match it!

Using the impedance switch, you can alter between four ohms of voltage for a single-cab setup to get the most power from your amp, or go big and plug in a second cabinet and set both to eight ohms — sometimes the simplest thing makes the biggest difference. It comes with dual three-inch voice-coils expertly engineered to handle more power, with superior construction that amplifies your tone and brings life to your music. With chest-thumping lows, clear and crisp mids, and sparkling highs that sing, the Epifani DIST3 1x12 Bass Cabinet is 300 watts of your signature sound — available now at Replay Guitar Exchange!

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