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Eventide MicroPitch Delay Effects Pedal

Eventide MicroPitch Delay Effects Pedal
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Eventide MicroPitch Delay Effects Pedal

Eventide MicroPitch Delay

$ 249.00

Savor the secret sauce simmered into countless hit records with the Eventide MicroPitch Delay effects pedal! By utilizing subtle pitch shifts to create a rich stereo spread, the MicroPitch Delay makes anything you cook up sonically delectable. This pedal is the key ingredient for serving up flavorful tone: Instantly harness soaring leads that jump out of the mix, add distinct lushness to a compelling clean passage and get your fill of vibey modulation that's sure to sweeten any pot with the push of a button. Sample a bite of Eventide's newly baked up Positive and Negative Envelope modulation sources and you'll be sure to come back for seconds; and major and minor thirds. The fantastic Eventide MicroPitch Delay adds unparalleled dimension to any source; it's not just a guitar pedal — Use it to thicken vocals, keyboards, drums, strings, brass, winds and more! Shop at Replay Guitar Exchange to find out how the Eventide MicroPitch Delay can change the way you play today!

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