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Keeley ECCOS Delay/Looper Effects Pedal

Keeley ECCOS Delay/Looper Effects Pedal
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Keeley ECCOS Delay/Looper Effects Pedal

Keeley ECCOS Delay/Looper

$ 249.00

The Keeley ECCOS Delay/Looper Effects Pedal is the perfect solution to fill your guitar tone with the vibrant voice of pure analog tape delay — all while keeping the definitive quality of digital technology. Not only does this pedal give you massive and rewarding delay tones, but it also has a looper ability, letting you produce quality loops of pure delay or flange-style voices in any of your songs with ease. It comes with true-stereo I/O presets, as well as a remote switcher and an expression control — the perfect tool for a professional looking to upgrade their pedalboard. The looper is jam-packed with unique features like reverse looping, half-speed effects, and even endless layers of recording. Step into a dimension full of perfect and vibrant guitar tones — check out the Keeley ECCOS from Replay Guitar Exchange today!

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