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Aguilar SL 110 Super Light Bass Cabinet, Black
Aguilar SL 110 Super Light Bass Cab, Black
Regular price $ 966.99 Sale price$ 699.99


Replay Guitar Exchange is proud to be an Aguilar Amplification dealer! Based in New York City, Aguilar is comprised of musicians and engineers who use their musical perspectives to develop world-class bass gear.

We're excited to have you try your bass, played in your style, through the Tone Hammer 350, Tone Hammer 500 or AG 700 heads... and the amazingly lightweight SL Series cabinets that complement them. We also carry Aguilar amp cases and cabinet covers to protect your investments!

On an even more fundamental level, Aguilar pickups solidify and enhance your bass sound — directly at the source.

If you don't see your favorite Aguilar amp, cab, pickup or accessory listed here at the moment, be sure to ask! Aguilar products are in high demand and available stock will fluctuate.



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