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Marshall MG30GFX Combo Guitar Amplifier With Effects, 30W, frontMarshall MG30GFX Combo Guitar Amplifier With Effects, 30W, angle 1
Marshall MG30GFX Combo Guitar Amp With Effects, 30W
Regular price $ 418.00 Sale price$ 299.99
Marshall SC20H Studio Classic Head, Black
Marshall SC20H Studio Classic, Black
Regular price $ 2,300.00 Sale price$ 1,749.99
Marshall MS-2 Mini Amplifier, Black
Marshall MS-2 Mini Amp, Black
Regular price $ 76.00 Sale price$ 59.99

Marshall Amplification

Replay Guitar Exchange is proud to be an official dealer of Marshall products. Entire formative eras in rock guitar were conceived with the inspiration of their ever-increasingly powerful, scorchingly toneful amps. When Jimi Hendrix snapped up a handful of early Marshalls, he used their new sonic capabilities to realize fiery power, emotional color and unexpected beauty — straight from the soul!

Knowing how utterly classic Marshall's various sounds have been in decades past, perhaps it's no surprise that Marshall tones remain so creatively applicable — indeed, gleefully re-explored — in so many of the diverging avenues of today's music. There's no arguing with such classic status.

If you have any questions about the right Marshall for your needs, or wonder about a Marshall amp that you don't currently see here, please give us a ring!


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