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Gibson Falcon 1x12 Combo Amplifier, Cream Bronco Vinyl w/ Oxblood Grille
Gibson Falcon 5 1x10 Combo Amplifier, Cream Bronco Vinyl W/ Oxblood Grille


Shop Gibson with confidence at Replay Guitar Exchange. You aren’t just getting a great product, you are getting the Replay difference. Every item is professionally audited, set-up, and made available, with the same attention to detail as if our staff were the one taking it home. Give us a shout at 844-REPLAY1 (844-737-5291) or email us at and a member of our staff will get back with you momentarily.

Gibson's Early Years

Gibson Guitars' legacy is woven into the very fabric of music and has been integral in helping define what a great guitar should be. Appearing on countless albums from some of the most acclaimed players in the industry, Gibson embodies the style and craftsmanship which has made the brand a staple for guitarists throughout the world.

Having started humbly manufacturing mandolins around the turn of the 20th century, over time, Gibson acoustic guitars were made with manufacturing innovations that led them to the forefront of popular music of the day.

The Gibson Style "O" Acoustic and L1 would be the catalyst that propelled continued design innovation at the brand by introducing flat top acoustics.

It was with the introduction of the electric ES-150 in May of 1936, modeled, in part, due to the success of the Rickenbacker "Frying Pan" Hawaiian Guitar - Gibson changed the course of music forever. The ES-150 was made famous by Charlie Christian when he adopted it as his primary instrument while playing for the Benny Goodman band and catapulted the electric guitar to a lead instrument that was now competing with the horn section.

From the revamped L-5 which became the Gibson Jumbo in the late '30s to the legendary J-45 in 1945, Gibson did not forget about their acoustic roots.

Chuck Berry started with a Gibson ES-350 early in his career, having been introduced in 1949, and marks a two pickup electric that we all know today. Chuck would later make famous the "thin line" Gisbon ES-335 models that influenced modern guitarists in a way few have and solidified Gibson as the brand of choice for years to come.

Gibson's Legacy

Gibson USA has many guitar designs that are considered standards in today's music. Throughout their Les Paul line are numerous models that have been popular among guitarists for years. The Les Paul Studio, Standard, Custom can be found in the collections of thousands of guitarists worldwide. The SG line of electric guitars, including the '61 Reissue, the Special, and the Standard, have a massive following among rock 'n' roll guitarists. And Gibson's Designer Series includes such luminary offerings as the Flying V, the Firebird V, and the Explorer.

Gibson USA has long been a leader in the world of solid body electric guitars. With an artist roster that includes jazz giants like Larry Carlton and Tal Farlow; hard rock heros like Angus Young, Jimmy Page, and Slash; and heavy metal icons such as Zakk Wylde, Mastodon's Bill Kelliher, and Brendon Small, Gibson USA is alive and well. With so many important designs and legions of brand devotees, Gibson USA is sure to have a humbucker-loaded guitar for you!



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