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Gretsch Jim Dandy Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, Rex Burst, front closeupGretsch Jim Dandy Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, Rex Burst, angle
Gretsch G6238FT Solid Body Flat Top Hardshell Guitar Case, Black


Replay Guitar Exchange is not just an authorized Gretsch dealer. Like many of you, we are also big fans of That Great Gretsch Sound, and (let’s face it) those great Gretsch looks, as well.

Whether you crave the design, feel or tone of a 6120 Chet Atkins hollowbody, a Falcon, a Duo Jet, a Country Gentleman, a Tennessee Rose, a Broadkaster, a Synchromatic, a Pro Jet, an Electromatic or a Streamliner, Replay Guitar Exchange has got you covered!

One of our staff members is so enamored with his Gretsch Duo Jet that he is rarely seen without it; he claims it has the best neck of any guitar he's ever played, and that its voice is perfect for his original songs. We're still trying to figure out whether he puts it down long enough to drive.

Remember, Replay Guitar Exchange is an independent store and online retailer, and we truly value every one of our customers. When you buy a new or used Gretsch guitar from Replay, you get the same level of service and attention to detail that we’d give our friends and families.

If you don’t see your favorite Gretsch guitar or bass in stock, just stop in, or give us a call, or chat with us about the model or models of your dreams.

(Selected) Gretsch Historical and Musical Highlights

Why have Gretsch guitars remained so iconic over the years? Why are they indelibly associated with rock ’n’ roll, yet recognized as versatile tools for songwriting, performing and recording? Why is “a Gretsch with a Bigsby” such a commonly seen phrase on guitarists’ wish lists?

Fred W. Gretsch calls it ‘grit meets grace,’ and may have summed it up best when he wrote, “it’s all about the tension between the raw emotion our instruments evoke and the refined experience our musicians expect.”

An historic American musical instrument manufacturer since 1883, Gretsch changed with the demands of the times and pioneered new manufacturing techniques, such as the multi-ply drum shell – and new guitar designs that sparked imaginations worldwide.

Initially offering acoustic archtops for jazz musicians, and flattops for country and western performers, Gretsch soon made music history by developing models like the 6120, Duo Jet, Country Club, White Falcon, Country Gentleman and Tennessean. These made their way from the talented hands of the inimitable Chet Atkins (who had multiple Gretsch guitar models created for him) to legions of younger guitarists who, in turn, forged individual styles of their own, made their own Great Gretsch Sounds, and attracted their own followers.

Among these guitarists are some of music’s finest names, who became icons in their own right. Eddie Cochran made early rock history on his Gretsch with classics “Summertime Blues” and “Twenty Flight Rock,” and remains a favorite of many to this day. Duane Eddy brought his “twangy” Gretsch guitar to the masses with radio hits like “Rebel Rouser” and “Forty Miles Of Bad Road.”

No roundup of early Gretsch rockers is complete without the great Cliff Gallup, who played a Duo Jet with DynaSonic single coil pickups on Gene Vincent’s first two albums, including the immortal rockabilly classics “Be-Bop-A-Lula,” “Blue Jean Bop” and “Race With The Devil.” His creativity, sheer taste and always musical, mild-to-wild phrasing not only complemented the raucous proceedings of Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps, but utterly dropped jaws (then and now). Replay Guitar Exchange recommends that you listen to the rare track “Well, I Knocked Him, Bim Bam” – then, “Who Slapped John?” or the aforementioned “Race With The Devil” to get a feel for his style. Cliff Gallup’s playing captivated generations of later listeners, including Jeff Beck, George Harrison and Brian Setzer, and continues to galvanize anyone with a pulse. His works remain as benchmarks of rocking expression to this day – and his single-coil Duo Jet is a great example of one flavor of That Great Gretsch Sound.

George Harrison fanned the flames of Gretsch fame considerably when playing various models of their guitars during the Beatles’ meteoric rise. For awhile, Gretsch could not keep up with the demand of uncountable would-be guitarists wanting their own! From his Duo Jet (appearing at the Cavern Club and on the “Please Please Me” album, and now available as a superlative signature model) to his Country Gentleman to his Tennesseean, ‘the quiet Beatle’ certainly made his Gretsch guitars heard - in the context of some of the finest pop music ever written.

Brian Setzer has, of course, done a thing or two over the years with Gretsch guitars… and no one would deny that he did them all with both hair-raising style AND musical substance. From the cool-to-incendiary rockabilly stylings and masterful songwriting of the Stray Cats to his successful swing revival outings with his Brian Setzer Orchestra, he’s kept dancing feet moving – and kept Gretsch guitars in the spotlight – for decades. Brian currently endorses Gretsch, and has collaborated with them on multiple signature models.

Today, the Gretsch guitar brand is still owned by the family, but under an exclusive deal with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation to develop, produce, market and distribute Gretsch guitars worldwide. After the agreement, Fender quickly made Gretsch production more similar to the designs and practices of the classic era. Later, after new talks with the Atkins family, Gretsch was even able to announce the return of Chet Atkins as an endorser!

However iconic their legacy, Gretsch continues to innovate and produce new ideas for today’s musicians – and at price ranges suited to every level of guitarist. Replay Guitar Exchange is proud to offer Gretsch guitars! Again, feel free to ask us about the model that catches your eye! (If you’re anything like us, there may be several.)

A note to our non-United States customers

Due to our Fender dealer agreement, we are not able to ship new Gretsch products outside of the USA.


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