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Guitar Pedals and Effects

Some of our customers say their favorite department at Replay Guitar Exchange is the guitar effects! It makes sense, because effects are a relatively affordable way to make big changes to your sound. If you're like us, the quest to find the right effect(s) for your purposes is also reliably, ridiculously fun.

Whether you're constantly shuffling pedals around a pedalboard that looks like Grand Central, or adding new spice to a tried-and-true setup, Replay can help! We've got new and used pedals for overdrive, distortion, chorus, flanging, phasing, ring modulation, reverb, delay, echo, compression, limiting, wah, volume and EQ to suit your needs — as well as other, barely-classifiable effects that can take your tone to less-traveled realms.

(We haven't forgotten bassists, either. Bass effects are listed here.)


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