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Taylor 500 Series Aerial Leather Guitar Strap, British Tan
Taylor 1.5" Slim Vegan Leather Guitar Strap, Chocolate Brown Sequin
Taylor Slim 1.5" Leather Guitar Strap, Chocolate Brown
Taylor Vegan 2" Leather Guitar Strap, Chocolate Brown
Taylor Mahogany Guitar Floor Stand, Dark Finish
Taylor Mahogany Guitar Floor Stand, Natural Finish
Taylor Embroidered 2.5" Suede Guitar Strap, Black w/ Suede Back
Taylor Crown Work Xtra Large Shirt, Black
Taylor Embroidered 2.5" Suede Guitar Strap, Honey
Taylor Embroidered 2.5" Suede Guitar Strap, Black

Taylor Guitars

Shop Taylor Guitars — some of the best-sounding, easiest-to-play instruments ever crafted — with confidence at Replay Guitar Exchange. You aren’t just getting a world-class instrument; you're getting the Replay difference. Every guitar is professionally audited, set up and made available with the same attention to detail that we'd give our families and friends.

Give us a call at 844-REPLAY1 (844-737-5291) or email us at sales@replayguitar.com, and a member of our staff will help you momentarily.

Taylor Guitars' Story

Founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug, Taylor Guitars has grown into a leading global builder of premium acoustic guitars.

By 1983, Taylor was making a custom acoustic for Prince to be used for recording and a video. Though Prince did not want a brand logo on the guitar, word got out about the 12-String 655 Series Acoustic, and soon, Taylor Guitars was producing custom acoustics for Bonnie Raitt and Billy Idol. By 1985, thanks to a vote-of-confidence from some established artists, Taylor Guitars were producing for over 100 dealers and making a splash in the marketplace.

After a few moves to upgraded and larger manufacturing facilities, in 1992, Taylor Guitars opened the El Cajon operations where they reside today, with a second location in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico.

Over the course of their storied history, Taylor Guitars has remained at the forefront of innovation. Blending modern manufacturing techniques with an attention to detail of master craftsmen, they have been able to pioneer the use of computer aided design, manufacturing, including proprietary machinery. 

Taylor Guitars has always enjoyed a forward thinking approach including their commitment to environmental sustainability when sourcing wood. They regularly pursue the best practices if forestry to ensure they are bringing ethically sourced materials to market. 


Taylor Guitars' Innovation

Continuing their standard of innovation, Taylor Guitars embarked on an ambitious redesign of an acoustic guitar's neck joint by introducing the "NT" or "New Tech" neck system in 1999. This system has won awards and received a patent. 

The Taylor Guitars Expression System (ES), engineered by Taylor’s David Hosler and audio-industry giant Rupert Neve, creates one of the most natural-sounding acoustic guitar pickup system possible. It uses sensors to capture the movement of the top wood. Sporting a low-profile set of controls, the system enables a player to plug an acoustic guitar straight into the board and achieve natural, warm and woody tones.

Today, Taylor has improved on the ES with the ES2. It affords players a level of live acoustic tone and ease-of-use that is quickly becoming the new standard.

For over 150 years the standard for acoustic guitar bracing has been with a built-in compromise: the battle between more sustain or volume through the juxtaposition of flexibility versus rigidity. Master Luthier Andy Powers has created the answer with Taylor Guitars's go forward sonic engine: VClass Bracing. VClass bracing offers the available increase in both sustain and volume. It also serves the guitar with a much stronger sense of "in-tune-ness" removing or cancelling the sour or warbling notes that are escaping with the Xbrace movements.




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