Home BOSS Katana-110 1x10 Bass Combo Amp, Black

BOSS Katana-110 1x10 Bass Combo Amplifier, Black

BOSS Katana-110 1x10 Bass Combo Amplifier, Black
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BOSS Katana-110 1x10 Bass Combo Amplifier, Black

BOSS Katana-110 1x10 Bass Combo Amp, Black

$ 369.99

Crafted with the breakthrough design philosophy behind the acclaimed Katana guitar amp series, the BOSS Katana-110 1x10 Bass Combo Amplifier delivers premium, high-performance amplification sound and advanced features perfectly tuned for the needs of serious bassists. Three unique amp characters and onboard BOSS effects provide a wide range of tones and cover a massive range of styles — each with a powerful three-way Shape switch to fine-tune the character, from a mid scoop to bright tone and even push it forward tenfold with the extended range shaping. Four independent effect sections cover a vast range of selectable sounds, complete with compression and overdrive that packs a quality, bass-heavy punch.

It's all backed by a stage-ready, 110-watt class AB power amp, custom 10-inch woofer, and tweeter with on/off switch — where massive, punchy tone meets a stage-ready design that can be easily ported from venue to venue. With the comprehensive four-band EQ with selectable low and high-mid frequency controls, you can command the stage with such finely-shaped tonal character that you'll always have the perfect sound for any style or genre. The absolute flexible connectivity, quality sonic power and outstanding construction and design of the BOSS Katana-110 Bass Combo really helps it stand out on its own, and it's ready to take on any playing situation, from stage to studio to everyday practice at home!

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