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Used Catalinbread Montavillian Echo

  • Used Catalinbread Montavillian Echo
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$137.88 $137.88 $179.99

$137.88 $137.88 $179.99

Questions? Call Us! 813-254-8880 or 844-REPLAY1
Questions? Call Us! 844-REPLAY1 (844-737-5291)
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Catalinbread Montavillian Echo Effects Pedal

Spoiled by the various tube driven echo units at Catalinbread's shop, the creators of this pedal wanted the Catalinbread Montavillian Echo to sound and feel just as big. Going all out on the audio path on this echo pedal, they took painstaking efforts to make the dry signal sound and feel better when on than with the pedal bypassed. The Montavillian Echo utilizes an obsolete delay processing IC, however, rather than slavishly following the path of that chip's forebears, a great sound has been achieved as a fantastic sounding delay, with a slew of sounds in a small, easy footprint. Able to handle numerous fuzzes and overdrives and stacked with additional dirt pedals, this pedal handles it all with no effort. Check out the amazing Catalinbread Montavillian Echo — available now at Replay Guitar Exchange!

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