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EBS UniChorus Studio Edition Effects Pedal

EBS UniChorus Studio Edition Effects Pedal
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EBS UniChorus Studio Edition Effects Pedal

EBS UniChorus Studio Edition

$ 319.99

The EBS UniChorus Studio Edition lets you choose between low noise studio quality chorus, flange and pitch modulation effects in an instant. Built with the best analog processing circuitry available, the EBS UniChorus gives a smoother, warmer and fatter sounding chorus/flange effect, useful both for live and studio performances. The pedal output can run in mono or stereo. Under the hood of the UniChorus, there's a mix level control that lets you decide how much or little of the effect you'd like to be blended with the original tone. See the manual for details.

The UniChorus was first introduced in 1997. In 2008, improvements were made to the pedal — adding 3 dB of higher headroom, higher sensitivity (that makes it easier to dial-in), and new analog circuitry with higher dynamics and lower noise, as well as true bypass switching technique. The updated Studio Edition features an optimized signal path, new design, new signal relay switching technique, protection against overvoltage up to 18V, and the possibility to power the pedal with anything between 9-12V DC. It's not just an amazing addition to your pedalboard — the EBS UniChorus Studio Edition is perhaps the last chorus, flanger and modulation pedal you will ever need!

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