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EBS ProLine 2x10 Bass Cabinet, Black

EBS ProLine 2x10 Bass Cabinet, Black
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EBS ProLine 2x10 Bass Cabinet, Black

EBS ProLine 2x10 Bass Cab, Black

$ 1,299.99

The EBS ProLine 2x10 Bass Cabinet brings quality construction and tremendous tone developed through natural bass amp evolution over years of honing-in perfection. Transparency, balance, and natural warmth characterize the EBS ProLine speaker sound. The ProLine 2x10 offers a great punch in the midrange that hits a sweet spot when playing slap bass or other styles that crave a great midrange response. This cabinet is built with the finest quality 13-ply birch plywood covered with resistant felt, along with a protective woven steel grill with a chromed look.

Using devices with Impulse Responses to simulate various speaker cabinets is increasingly popular. But to truly harness the potential of this technology with your bass rig, you need speakers that offer both transparency and impressive power handling. To unlock the full potential of your IR-equipped device, pair it with an EBS speaker cabinet that embodies transparency and delivers a full-range sound. They offer the optimal conditions for recreating the entire palette of speaker tones you may get from using IR, providing the authenticity and richness in detail that you crave. Heavy duty to the max with the power to back it up and a wonderful design that you'll consider a mainstay — the epic EBS ProLine 2x10 Bass Cabinet is available now at Replay Guitar Exchange!

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