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Hungry Robot The Little Gazer Single Channel Reverb

  • Hungry Robot - The Little Gazer (Single Channel Reverb)
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only $147.60

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Hungry Robot - The Little Gazer (Single Channel Reverb)

The Little Gazer shares the same internal circuitry as it's dual-channel sibling The Stargazer, just as a single channel format. The best term to describe the tone of The Little Gazer is "musical." The Little Gazer does not attempt to emulate a specific reverb type. The goal was to create a reverb that sounds organic and that sits well within a mix or recording. The Little Gazer was created with ambience in mind. Not only does it handle traditional reverb sounds, it also is capable of creating a deep, self-oscillating wash. Unique to The Little Gazer is what Hungry Robot has coined the "SPARKLE" switch. They wanted to create a feature that would give the same effect as shimmer without the unnatural sounding pitch shifting. The "SPARKLE" switch adds a sparkly overtone to the wet reverb signal to give it a "shimmery" quality without sounding digitized and processed.  

Staff Pick
STAFF PICK: The Little Gazer from Hungry Robot really shines through in our selection of boutique pedals. Like its big brother, the two-channel Stargazer, the Little Gazer is unlike anything else here at Replay Guitar Exchange, with a shimmery reverb that is hard to rival. The mix knob simply adds the overall wet signal of reverb to the dry signal, while the dry signal never actually changes and remains the same no matter what settings are on the pedal. The sparkle switch adds a chime overtone to the reverb that makes it sound very shimmery and unique compared to any other reverb pedal that we have. The decay knob controls how long the reverb sits in the signal. Using the decay knob, the pedal can be driven into a cool self-oscillation that can be fine tuned internally. Just check out the manual for details. Overall, this is a pretty easy to use pedal that sounds great and is easily adjustable. Depending on how much reverb is preferred and playing styles, the amount of reverb can be set for easy to use and quick on the spot reverb. This pedal is currently one of my favorites and I definitely would recommend to any player!

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