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Interstellar Audio Machine Fuzzsquatch Fuzzdrive

  • Interstellar Audio Machine Fuzzsquatch Fuzzdrive
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only $229.00

only $229.00

Questions? Call Us! 813-254-8880 or 844-REPLAY1
Questions? Call Us! 844-REPLAY1 (844-737-5291)
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Interstellar Audio Machine Fuzzsquatch Fuzzdrive Effects Pedal

The fight for the perfect tone continues with the Interstellar Audio Machine Fuzzsquatch Fuzzdrive — a superb recreation of the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi first released in 1969. Originally marketed as a harmonic distortion sustain, it has been lumped together with fuzz effects, although it's a very different animal than classic fuzz effects like a Fuzz Face or a Tone Bender. The Fuzzsquatch Fuzzdrive recreates that late '70s circuit tone that you desire. The circuitry of this pedal differs from the traditional transistor-based Big Muff circuit in that it uses operational amplifiers (op-amps) to achieve its signature sustaining distortion sound. With widely-sweeping tone controls and a character all its own, the Fuzzsquatch Fuzzdrive will surely be a formidable addition to your sonic arsenal!

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