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JHS Pedals PackRat Distortion Effects Pedal

JHS Pedals PackRat Distortion Effects Pedal
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JHS Pedals PackRat Distortion Effects Pedal

JHS Pedals PackRat

$ 249.00

In 1978, the most versatile and influential distortion pedal of all time was invented in Kalamazoo, MI. The idea was to make a pedal that could go from overdrive to distortion and then all the way to fuzz. 1979, Scott Burnham and Steve Kiraly had perfected the circuit in his rat-infested basement workshop, and the rest is history. The JHS Pedals PackRat 9-way Rodent-style distortion pedal is the ultimate tribute to that original circuit, paying homage to iconic tones that artists from every genre have used — including Nirvana, John Schofield, Pink Floyd, Metallica, REM, The Eagles, Jeff Beck and Radiohead.

Building on JHS's Multi-Mod pedal series that includes the Muffuletta and Bonsai, the PackRat uses the same unique digital runway system to direct the paths of 261 components through forty individual switches. This means that when you choose one of the nine legendary modes, you are playing fully analog circuits that perfectly replicate that mode, even down to the aging components (also known as component drift). Check out all of the distinctive and powerful distortion voices that the PackRat has to offer — ready for you now at Replay Guitar Exchange!