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Keeley Compressor Plus

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Keeley Compressor Plus

Keeley Compressor Plus

$ 149.00

The Keeley Compressor is the most popular boutique compressor in the world. With well over 52,000 compressors built in the Keeley shop, they have an expert understanding of compression, limiting, and sustain. Keeley knows what it takes to make an instrument sound like it’s been professionally recorded. They know how to make your guitar jump from the mix. They know how to make it fun and easy to play. Keeley Compression is how.

The Keeley Compressor Plus is the first true advancement in the 2 and 4 knob compressor line. The new features are simple and straight forward. Now there is a simple Release Switch that is tuned for single coils or humbuckers. No more wondering if you have the attack or release set right. Your humbuckers will have all the attack and punch that they should.

The Keeley team designed a gorgeous sounding Tone Control which emphasizes the most sensitive harmonics that can be lost in compression. The Compressor Plus now sports a Blend Control that retains the peaks in your playing and, more importantly, the proper phasing of your guitar signal. The Keeley Compressor Plus offers the same gorgeous push of frequencies and sweetening of tone that the old comps gave you, now with the flexibility to easily handle any instrument.