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MXR Hybrid Fuzz Effects Pedal

MXR Hybrid Fuzz Effects Pedal
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MXR Hybrid Fuzz Effects Pedal

MXR Hybrid Fuzz

$ 169.99

Replay Guitar Exchange is proud to bring to you the fantastic MXR Hybrid Fuzz effects pedal! This pedal combines two iconic Fuzz Face Distortion sounds, featuring the snarling, high-gain aggression of a silicon transistor and the smooth, shaggy warmth of a germanium transistor in a single circuit — opening up a blazing new frontier of fuzz. Want searing psychedelica straight out of the '60s? The Hybrid Fuzz has you covered. Grinding high-desert riffage? Ditto — and that goes for everything in between. And it's responsive to your guitar's volume control too, cleaning up nicely when you roll it back. Plug into the MXR Hybrid Fuzz and step into a whole new realm of supersonic saturation. Draped in a super tripped out finish courtesy of design studio One Horse Town, you'll be dressed for the exploration with the MXR Hybrid Fuzz — available now at Replay Guitar Exchange!

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