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Pedaltrain Nano MAX Pedal Board

Pedaltrain Nano MAX Pedal Board
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Pedaltrain Nano MAX Pedal Board

Pedaltrain Nano MAX

$ 99.99

The Pedaltrain Nano MAX takes the popular Pedaltrain Nano form factor and stretches it to the max. It also comes with a soft case to house the MAX on the go with many improvements that you will enjoy. It features a two-rail board with an all-new MAX soft case with a premium shoulder strap, along with generous rolls of hook-and-loop and an assortment of zip ties. The premium shoulder strap has robust, washer-less clasps and an extra comfy shoulder pad, borrowed from the premium soft case line from Pedaltrain. It's water resistant and machine tested to hold even the heaviest of pedal set ups. What are you waiting for? Re-design your pedalboard today to be the best it can be with the Pedaltrain Nano MAX!

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