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Strymon Compadre Dual Voice Compressor & Boost

  • Strymon Compadre Dual Voice Compressor & Boost
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only $299.00

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Questions? Call Us! 813-254-8880 or 844-REPLAY1
Questions? Call Us! 844-REPLAY1 (844-737-5291)
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Strymon Compadre Dual Voice Compressor & Boost Effects Pedal

Your dream tone starts here — the amazing Strymon Compadre Dual Voice Compressor & Boost effects pedal will start your signal chain with the best possible version of your guitar tone. Treat your guitar signal to true studio quality analog compression with two distinct voices for smooth transparency or vintage squeeze. Hit the Boost switch to add clean boost or soft-clipped dirty boost, with the EQ curve of your choice. Mix in some dry signal for natural attack even with extreme compression settings.

From pickups, tubes, capacitors to speaker cabinets — the aspects of a rig that can be upgraded or changed are nearly endless. Plug in Compadre and you may find you already have everything you need for the tone you've been seeking. Bring out your amp's character in ways you never thought possible; the Compadre's Class A JFET input circuit, studio quality compression and musically voice analog boost circuits all work together to make your amp sound like it was just modified by a world-class boutique amp designer. Feel the perfectly tailored dynamic response, feeding your amp and effects just what they need to sound their best!

As always, feel free to contact our store for more details, or with any questions.


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