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Strymon MultiSwitch Plus Pedal

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Strymon MultiSwitch Plus

Strymon MultiSwitch Plus

$ 129.00

Want instant access to three presets for Sunset or Riverside Strymon pedals? Or to unlock the full potential of Volante? The Strymon MultiSwitch Plus connects all these with the included 1/4" TRS cable and adds a whole new dimension to your rig. The MultiSwitch Plus can be configured in several different ways to extend floor control of compatible Strymon pedals. Depending on the selected mode and the pedals connected, you can recall presets, change blanks, operate TimeLine's looper, remotely tap tempos, and more. Featuring three outputs, the MultiSwitch Plus allows you to connect up to three compatible Strymon pedals using additional TRS cables. Now you can engage presets on Sunset, Riverside, and Volante simultaneously. Or mix and match the footswitches to set up your own custom operation — such as controlling tap tempo on your Flint, Favorite on your El Capistan, and Boost on your Riverside.

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