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Surfy SurfyTrem Tremolo Effects Pedal

Surfy SurfyTrem Tremolo Effects Pedal
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Surfy SurfyTrem Tremolo Effects Pedal

Surfy SurfyTrem Tremolo V1.1

$ 200.00

The outstanding Surfy SurfyTrem Tremolo effects pedal was built to recreate the sound of the famous vibrato channel of the vintage Fender amplifiers. It is not a digital effect — the sound from the pedal is gently warmed up, a tiny bit darker than the dry signal, and features two different settings: Brownface and Blackface. The Brownface setting resembles the incredible tone of the 1961-1962 Fender Showman amplifier, with it's beautifully sweet harmonic tremolo voice.

The Blackface setting is based off of the 1964 Fender Blackface amplifier Series, gaining a cleaner and brighter sound compared to the Tweed/Brownface models. They use a different kind of tremolo, well known since the '50s, in which the signal is moved alternatively in and out — a sort of on/off feeling, resulting in a more efficient and audible effect. Get the best of both worlds compact in one amazing pedal — the SurfyTrem Tremolo pedal is ready for you now at Replay Guitar Exchange!

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