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Wampler - Paisley Drive Overdrive Pedal

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Wampler - Paisley Drive Overdrive Pedal

Wampler - Paisley Drive Overdrive Pedal

$ 219.97
Replay Guitar Exchange is pleased to be offer Wampler boutique guitar pedals. Brian Wampler’s quest for great tones has been a life long endeavor, at first tweaking and modding stock pedals but ultimately creating his own world-class guitar tone circuits. While Wampler Pedals has continued to grow through the years, Brian’s original vision of making solid, tone packed boutique pedals that inspire musicians has never wavered, and Replay Guitar Exchange is proud to offer these pedals to you. Today, Brian is just as committed to making great sounding pedals as he was at beginning, and he does it right here in America’s heartland.

Do you know the story about Brian Wampler modding a pedal and throwing it onto the stage in front of Brad Paisley? Brad’s tech picked it up, played it - digged it and gave it to Brad who took it away and LOVED it. From that point on, he has used and loved Wampler Pedals. After a few years of using our pedals Brad’s new tech, Chad, mentioned to Brian that Brad wasn’t 100% content with his tone and maybe we should all work together to make the perfect overdrive for Brad to record and tour with. Introducing the Paisley Drive. Clean but get crunchy with some “beef”. Fluid tone when soloing. The truly great thing about this pedal is that it’s not only Telecaster style guitars that it works so well with, it brings the best out of your Strat or anything you may have loaded with humbuckers. You no longer need to have individual pedals for your guitars; the Paisley Drive will make each one sing. The built in tonal controls, the presence and mid contour switches (giving three completely different EQ styles – warm mids, neutral, and a more mid scooped character, will make this pedal one of the most versatile and complete overdrive pedal you have ever owned. As Brad Paisley stated: “…we actually recorded this (pedal) in the studio, you know, trying it out. I turned up a Trainwreck Amp that I’ve got and compared the sound of the distortion and it was very, very similar. And that’s a very good test because any time a pedal can mimic a great overdriven amp then you’re on to something”

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