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Wampler Terraform Modulation Effects Pedal

Wampler Terraform Modulation Effects Pedal
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Wampler Terraform Modulation Effects Pedal

Wampler Terraform

$ 299.97

When Wampler decided to jump into the multiFX market, they did it in style. The powerful Wampler Terraform modulation multi-effects pedal has eleven custom designed effects blocks — from flanger to phaser, chorus to U-Vibe, harmonic tremolo to envelope filter, you know everything about it is going to be perfect. In one incredibly small package, you can control eight presets via midi, you can assign an expression pedal to control any of the main five controls, you can run it in full glorious stereo or keep it in mono — you can even split that mono signal to route some effects to go before you drive pedals, or amp gain, and have the rest follow behind or in your effects loop! When you put the Terraform into your rig, you know that not only will you get that legendary Wampler tone, but you will get the most easy to use, hugely versatile and best sounding collection of modulations you could ever want!

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