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Home Sweet Home!

Posted by Kyle Bailey on

It’s been a crazy week complete with blood and sweat (no tears yet), but it’s finally done:  We moved into our new store last week!  A few weeks ago, I received the unlikely news that our construction was actually AHEAD of schedule and would be completed a few days before the target date of 6/17.

"The Move" quickly went from an abstract concept that would occur at some point in the distant future to a very real event that was coming up fast.  We called the movers to update the schedule and began preparations to move operations from our temporary facility on Platt Street to our brand new store in Britton Plaza.  Robert and his crew from MUVR did a terrific job transporting a mountain of merchandise over the course of two days.

Once everything was safely inside, we began the daunting process of setting up the 6,000 square-foot store.  Everyone on our staff has been working hard moving boxes around, unpacking and hanging guitars to get the store ready.  I rolled up my sleeves and pitched in until I was temporarily sidelined with a grievous injury.  You see, I was putting the front door keys onto a ring when one slipped and poked my thumb.  I know, it doesn’t sound so bad, but I was bleeding like a stuck pig!  After a quick trip to Publix for Band-Aids, I delegated key duty to Matt and took on more of a managerial role.

It is a lot of work, but there’s no place I’d rather be than working alongside my outstanding staff in a beautiful new store with the best guitar collection in Florida.  Each day it looks a little less like a messy warehouse and more like an awesome store.  It is wonderful to finally see all the guitars hanging on the wall instead of packed away in boxes.  I can hardly wait to invite everyone in and show off our store!  Oh, and we got some great news yesterday:  We are now officially a Gibson dealer!  I hope Kent can find a little more room on the wall.

Replay Music Exchange is temporarily closed to the public while we unpack boxes and get the store organized.  We are still purchasing used guitars by appointment only.  We expect to have a soft opening in mid – late July with a Grand Opening to follow in late August.  Please join our e-mail list and follow us on social media for updates on the schedule.

The new store address is:

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  • Great news. Hope you have a grand opening sale and party. See ya soon.

    Randall Owen on
  • Congratulations on that move in Kyle…..Can’t wait to see the place. You better see a physician about that thumb.

    Bob Valdez on

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