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What's in a Name?

Posted by Kyle Bailey on

Juliet once asked Romeo, "What's in a name?  A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."  This is a question I have been pondering lately.  When I first started Replay Music Exchange, I planned to have drum, keyboard, and pro-audio department and focus mainly on used equipment.  Now, as we prepare for our grand opening, I realize that much has changed along the way.  We have become tightly focused on being the best guitar store in Florida and have decided not to offer drums or keyboards.  We still have a great selection of pre-owned and vintage guitars, but we also have hundreds of new guitars from all the major brands.  Perhaps a name change is in order?

Of course, I could have changed the name to something completely different like "Kyle's Super-Awesome Guitar Palace," but I decided to stay true to our roots of buying and selling pre-owned gear.  We are changing our name only slightly to better represent our new focus on guitars and will now be known as Replay Guitar Exchange.  Much to everyone's relief, our new website URL will be shorter:

Shakespeare references aside, the other big news is that we have scheduled our Grand Opening celebration on Saturday, August 27.  There will be great deals all day, guitar & amp giveaways, celebrity appearances, and a live performance on our window stage to cap off the evening.  We'll be sending out more details via e-mail as it gets closer, but mark your calendar now so you can say, "I was at the Replay Grand Opening!"

We are excited to welcome you into our new store very soon.  So, whether it's Montague or Capulet, Music or Guitars, one things is certain:  Replay is going to rock!


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  • We wish you the best with Replay. Can’t wait to see the doors open!

    Steve G on
  • Antipholus approves. Both of them. Best luck with Replay!

    Andy on
  • Great to have you in the neighborhood. Looking forward to the Grand Opening!!

    Tom on

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