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EBS BassIQ Blue Label

  • EBS BassIQ Blue Label
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only $249.99

only $249.99

Questions? Call Us! 813-254-8880 or 844-REPLAY1
Questions? Call Us! 844-REPLAY1 (844-737-5291)
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EBS BassIQ Blue Label Triple Envelope Filter Effects Pedal

The EBS BassIQ Blue Label Triple Envelope Filter features enhanced versatility and responsiveness, making it a truly fun, inspiring and musical analog envelope filter. The EBS BassIQ produces sounds ranging from classic auto-wah effects to spaced-out Funkadelic and synth-bass sounds. It is for anyone looking for a fun, fat-sounding, and responsive envelope filter that reacts to how you play in a musical way. 

The threshold and attack control nobs set the sensitivity of how the pedal responds to your playing. The sensitivity is the key to create a great variety of sounds from synth-bass, to wah-effects or sub-bass. A separate control changes the Q value to create even more variation in the sound character. The higher the Q value, the sharper the effect. In the Up mode, the pedal responds with a wah effect. In the Down mode, you will achieve various types of synth-bass sounds. The Up-R mode works like Up but also interacts with an internal control that changes the rest of the envelope effect.

As always, feel free to contact our store for more details, or with any questions.


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